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Landscape Architecture in the Toowoomba Region

With the growth of development in the Surat Basin, Toowoomba is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, delivering landscapes and urban developments of a high standard is critical to ensure a quality standard of living for the residents of the city. 

Toowoomba Landscapes

Toowoomba is a diverse region. The types of landscapes across the region are varied and include many picturesque rural landscapes. These are typically made up of flat agricultural black soil plains and rolling low hills. The forested range and an urban plateau makes up the Toowoomba City and Highfields areas.

Close up photo of Eastville signage
Eastville Toowoomba | Landscape Architecture Citicene

Enhancing the amenity of these areas is a priority for Toowoomba Regional Council. Landscapes also need to comply with standards of the Landscape Code contained in Part 9.4.4 of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme. This ensures they are suitable for the type of development proposed and also the micro-climatic conditions. 

Toowoomba Regional Plan Landscape Code

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As part of Toowoomba Regional Council Planning Scheme, Part 9.4.4 outlines the requirements for Landscape regarding any development.

The purpose of this code is as follows:

(1) The purpose of the Landscape Code is to facilitate landscaping which is an integral component of urban design, contributing to the creation or enhancement of quality places and spaces.


The overall landscape aim is to ensure aesthetically pleasing environments. Places where people work, live and play are to be comfortable and functional.

The landscape should be functional to the context it envelops. Each project is different and response to the local environment is important.

Protection and enhancement of existing vegetation and ecological values is important. Contribution to streetscapes, local characters and cost-effective maintenance are all important aspects of landscapes under Toowoomba’s Regional Planning Scheme.

Landscape Architectural Design in the Toowoomba Region

Enhancing the amenity of urban areas is a priority for Toowoomba Regional Council. 

Citicene have been involved in numerous commercial developments in the Toowoomba Region including: 

Herries Office Park | Herries Street | Toowoomba | Landscape Architecture Citicene

Herries Office Park | Herries Street | Toowoomba

Roche Road Solar Farm | Yarrenlea | Landscape Architecture Citicene

Roche Road Solar Farm | Yarrenlea

Parkview Estate | Glenvale | Toowoomba | Landscape Architecture Citicene

Parkview Estate | Glenvale | Toowoomba

Numerous other projects include:

  • Bunnings, Gatton
  • McDonalds, Gatton
  • Optus Communications Infrastructure, Top Camp
  • Ergon Energy Depot
  • Bunnings Toowoomba.

Landscape architectural expertise for a range of projects included landscape assessments and landscape approvals through the Toowoomba Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Shire Council

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