Parkview Estate

Parkview Estate is a 3 stage Residential Masterplanned Community with the 4th Stage being a Mixed Use Commercial and residential development in
Toowoomba, Queensland.

Glenvale | Toowoomba | Queensland | Australia

project team

Project Developer | Ultra Properties

Civil Contractor | All Roads

Civil Consultant | Harrison Infrastructure Group

Landscape Contractor | Goldstar Lawn and Garden Care

Glenvale is a residential community approximately 10 minutes drive from the centre of Toowoomba in Queensland.

Parkview Estate is a large residential estate which includes a variety of housing types, streetscapes and green spaces including Council parks.

Over 111 lots, the subdivision spreads over undulating topography that provided a challenge in design and documentation as well as accommodating overland flow and stormwater requirements.

Implementation of the Landscape

The planning, design and construction process was delivered within strict time-frames.   

Development Approval

The Development Approval is associated with the suitability of the project for the land in question. 

Operational Works Approval

Following Toowoomba Regional Council guidelines and standards, the landscape required Operational Works Approval to satisfy the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.


Finding the right landscape contractor to deliver the landscape ensured quality controls and timeframes were met.


The project was delivered in stages with Stage 1 including streetscapes and a park, Stage 2 an overland flow stormwater corridor and Stage 3 continuation of streetscape work and rehabilitation of a vegetated corridor.  

Post Construction

Ensuring the Local Authority was satisfied with the quality of work delivered was an important part of Certification of the landscape. Quality detailed documentation allowed swift construction with minimal delay.


The end result is a community with tree lined streetscapes, inviting green spaces and protected environmental corridors.

Key Landscape Elements

The landscape plays a critical part in any community. Parkview Estate included various landscape elements designed and delivered to Toowoomba Regional Council requirements.

Ornamental Street Trees – Beautifying Streetscapes

Striking ornamental street tree species including Mapel and Pear varieties (Acer Sp. & Pyrus Sp.) that tolerate the severe Toowoomba frosts while also providing a stunning display of colour throughout the Autumn months.

Water Quality and Stormwater Control – Protection and Enhancement of the Environment

A ‘greenspine waterway corridor’ that extends from Glenvale Road through to the Southern boundary of the site that includes native re-vegetation planting, bio-filtration devices and stabilization for erosion control.

Open Green Space – Attractive Space for Recreation and Lifestyle

A generous open space park including playground, barbecue facilities, kick-a-bout area and plenty of room for families to enjoy the great outdoors.

Stormwater, Overland Flow and Drainage

The site has two significant overland flow corridors both stretching across the site from North to South.

Water unable to enter the underground drainage system to the North, finds its natural way to the nearest watercourse via overflow paths. 

A significant amount of water travels along these overland flow paths in heavy rain events, so appropriate design in close coordination with the hydraulic and civil consultants was required.

Other landscape design strategies included: 

  • significant subsoil drainage to ensure the green spaces were still accessible by Council maintenance machinery even in wet conditions.
  • design and construction of revetment rock to slow water, prevent erosion and protect stormwater outlets.

The landscape changes the topography of a property and impacts the way water behaves. Careful consideration of the stormwater requirements to meet Council expectations was required.

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