Creating Retail Landscape Experiences

Shopping Centres, Marketplaces, Plazas and Malls – typically, these types of retail centres require a high level of detail and finish and this is why we enjoy designing in this industry sector.

The landscape is an important component of the entertainment and outdoor eating/foodcourt portion of any retail centre and normally requires a high level of detailed design closely coordinated with Architecture and Interior Design consultants. 

Construction budgets can be significant and providing entertainment in outdoor spaces lined with shops, cafe’s, restaurants and retail outlets creates a strong atmosphere and character for shoppers to enjoy.

Image of star jasmine climbing up carpark facade
Star Jasmine – Trachelospermum jasminoides Green Wall, (Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre, Brisbane)
Pandanus pedunculatus (Urangan)

The landscape often includes:

  • intricate pavements and tiling;
  • feature walls and retaining walls;
  • internal planting areas and interiors-capes;
  • planter boxes;
  • public art;
  • vertical climbers and green walls;
  • shade trees and structures;
  • significant water features;
  • striking plant selections;- play spaces.

Stand-alone Retail Outlets

Stand-alone Retail outlets often require a level of landscape that meets the local authority requirements while also accommodating restricted budgets.

Night Quarter – Night Market (Gold Coast, Queensland)

Citicene has experience in delivering a large range of these types of projects while meeting these two important requirements.

Citicene has a broad range of experience in delivering the landscape component of retail projects.

We have been involved in numerous shopping centres, retail outlets, malls, marketplaces and stand alone retail and commercial projects throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

We have experience in delivering both ‘hard’ landscapes and ‘soft’ landscapes paying a high degree of attention to detail.

Photo of Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre outdoor foodcourt
Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre (Brisbane, Queensland)

Some of the exciting retail projects we have been involved in include:

Eastville (Toowoomba)

Retail Landscape Design Principles

Retail outlets require specific landscape design principles based around user experience and the environment.

Important landscape design considerations of retail projects should include;

  • Maintenance Costs
  • CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design) Principles
  • Pedestrian routes and access linkages – often neglected
McDonald’s (Augustine Heights, Springfield)
  • Vehicle and pedestrian conflicts
  • Safety
  • Local Authority negotiation and approvals
  • Value for money
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design.
Mount Gambier Shopping Centre (Mount Gambier, South Australia)

Canopy Cover and Carparks

Shade and the reduction in the reflection of heat is more important than ever.

An important consideration is the amount of canopy cover throughout these types of developments. Often there are large carparks associated with retail shopping centres with minimal shade trees.

The ratio of shade trees vs carpark spaces needs to be increased in these types of developments to combat the heat island effect that is increasing in urban areas.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

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