As professionals, we collaborate with your team to coordinate and deliver the landscape component of any project in order to achieve your end goal.

As a full-service professional consulting firm, we can deliver your project from preliminary design to certification, or if necessary, only a portion of the phases listed below.

preliminary phase

Preliminary Design

We can provide preliminary design advice centered on Architectural and Civil Engineering constraints in collaboration with your consultant team. Taking a broad view, our first port of call is to review the site, including existing landscape elements such as vegetation, topography, and surrounding context.

concept & development approval phase

Schematic Design and Development Approval

In the Schematic Design Phase, we address issues such as concept generation, idea generation, and character development. These principles, as well as any Local Authority constraints, are the first step in developing a landscape concept for any specific development approval.

design development phase

Design Development

Following development approval from the local authority, the next step in the process is to refine your design into a detailed design. At this stage of the project, we can also provide estimated construction costs to ensure that your landscape remains within budget.

building approval phase

Operational Works or Building Approval

The next step in the process is to obtain Operational Works or Building Approval, depending on the size of your project and the Conditions obtained through Development Approval.
Detailed drawings are produced which form the basis of Tender drawings.

tender phase

Landscape Construction Estimate

We can provide tender drawings and associated documents, including a Bill of Quantities, as part of the project tender process to ensure you receive comparable quotes from Landscape Contractors. This is an important part of the project, and ensuring you are getting good value for money before hiring any contractors will have an impact on the end result.
These services can be provided separately or as part of the builder’s process.

construction phase


Construction can be a difficult aspect of any project.
As your project nears completion, we have the experience and track record to provide ongoing advice as part of your consultant team.

contract administration phase

Contract Administration Phase

We also offer full-service consultancy, which includes managing the contractor during construction. A variety of services are required in this process, and we have the experience to monitor the landscape contractor as they build your landscape on your behalf.

certification phase

Defects and Certification

Depending on the scale and type of project, you may require a landscape defects process as part of the overall builder’s engagement and/or Certification to meet the Local Authority Conditions. We can provide these services and deliver thorough reports that identify any inconsistencies with the approved tender and construction work packages. 

Ensuring you are receiving what you are paying for is an important part of the process and our role is to identify any inconsistencies as a transparent process.

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