Mermaid Sanctuary | Gold Coast
Mermaid Sanctuary | Gold Coast

Our Mission

Protect and promote the environment and healthy lifestyles while creating quality living spaces and rehabilitating landscapes for future generations.’

design for the future

Every day humans impact the environment. Overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. Our aim is to design for the future – to protect and enhance our world.

Society is consumed by buildings, indoors, technology and isolation. Curated landscape spaces promote environmental interaction which provides physical and mental health benefits.

social responsibility

Qualified Advice

Our team of dedicated qualified leaders have a combined 37+ years of experience and knowledge in delivering landscapes of many types, sizes and complexities.


At the forefront of investigating the means by which people will adapt to climate change. Green Infrastructure, Cooling Cities, Climate Change – our profession impacts on all these areas.

Forward thinking design must address a common concern that people have about the future – their children.

positive effects on human behaviour

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Members of AILA (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects) have tertiary qualifications in Landscape Architecture or Urban Design from a recognised university and have qualified to be a member of the Institute.

Citicene team members are involved in the AILA Queensland Advocacy Group and the AILA Queensland Executive. Our aim is to support AILA and promote and advocate to government to protect our natural resources and environment.

As Landscape Architects we have a unique opportunity to assist, inform and influence government agencies, stakeholders and other professions to focus on the design, planning and management of the natural and built environment.

The Latest from Citicene

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Focusing on human well-being and ecosystems in changing landscapes