Summit Community

A prominent position in Bridgeman Downs, this residential community is located toward the top of a rise allowing fantastic sweeping views across to Moreton Bay.

Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

project team

Client | Raptis

Civil Engineer | Stantec

A ‘good’ landscape or a ‘poor’ landscape has a considerable ripple effect throughout any community.

A well designed residential community should create sustainable living. It should be a functional, clean, healthy and safe environment that caters to the needs of residents.

The landscape is an integral part of any community. Within a community, the landscape brings physical and mental benefits for residents. If the landscape is poor, the community suffers. If the landscape is great – the community benefits in many ways including providing social and economic benefits. 

It makes sense to ensure the landscape is simply not ‘tacked on’ at the end of any project and is instead considered in the early planning stages of a development.

designed for people

landscape defines a community

Attention to the smallest details determines the amenity, character and urban form, all while ensuring we are protecting our environment for future generations.

Designing for people requires consideration of their needs. This includes the provision of facilities to promote health and well-being. 

Open air spaces, pocket parks and walking paths all assist in providing an environment that has positive health impacts. 

The creation of ‘sense of place’ means that the physical character helps determine how we feel about a place. The elements included within a design determines the feeling of a place and we all react differently depending on our own perspectives and experiences. 

This development promotes active healthy living, a sense of belonging, a sense of place and it’s own identity in the local context. 

Landscape image renders of Summit Residential Community

Landscape design elements included: 

  • footpaths for walking and cycling
  • dry creek bed rockeries and swales 
  • retention of significant trees 
  • stormwater filtration through water sensitive urban design  
  • rain gardens to the streetscape 
  • indigenous species and plant selection as compensatory planting to assist in strengthening the existing environment 
  • protected tree easements 
  • low maintenance entry retaining and signage walls.

designed for the environment

protection and enhancement of the environment is a priority 

Development must consider the environment including at the minimum water, fauna and flora.

The landscape was an important factor in achieving approval for this project and included a range of ecological initiatives. A major component was the consideration of overland flows and capture and disbursement of stormwater across the site.  

The inclusion of rain gardens to the streetscape enables the capture and filtration of stormwater prior to filtering to the stormwater system.

This type of system supports and promotes healthy ecosystems, lifestyles and livelihoods through smart management of water.  

In addition to water considerations, retention and protection of significant vegetation was also a requirement. The character of the area is defined by significant Hoop pine and Eucalypt trees and retention and protection of numerous trees across the site ensured this character was retained.

landscape character

form, colour, texture, shape, space

Developing a landscape character considers many physical elements. In combination with other infrastructure elements as well as Local Authority requirements, building a character that is attractive while enhancing amenity requires consideration of form, colour, texture, shape, space – negative and positive as well as dominance and emphasis.

The front acoustic fence fronts a busy road. The design needed to address acoustic requirements, however the provision of a standard acoustic barrier at such a prominent position of the site warranted further consideration and custom design.

In combination with signage, expressed feature posts, concrete sleeper retaining walls and vegetation, the creation of the entry to the site needed to look smart but also achieve satisfactory acoustic requirements.

The linear nature and character was derived from a desire to keep it simple and cost effective using standard materials and finishes. Choosing a quality fence builder that paid attention to detail also ensured the end result was appropriate to the vision for the entry.