A Dreamworks Experience

This exciting project is an alliance between Dreamworld and
DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. and is inspired by the iconic DreamWorks
Animation franchises – Madagascar and Shrek.

Coomera | Gold Coast | Queensland | Australia

project team

client | Dreamworld in conjunction with DreamWorks

shire | Gold Coast City Council

The new 8,400sqm precinct refurbishes a portion of the heart of Dreamworld theme park at Coomera on the Gold Coast. It includes newly themed rides and attractions, merchandise structures and festive musical shows. 

Citicene were engaged to provide landscape specialist advice on a new precinct at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. 

Landscape design objectives included; 

  • integrate a plant paalette that has strong visual characteristics
  • ensure commercial availability of plant selections
  • ensure species are low maintenance
  • ensure species are resistant to the fungus Myrtle rust (Puccinia psidii s.l.)
  • integrate the landscape with the proposed themes (Madagascar and Shrek)
  • relocate and reuse mature specimens that are appropriate to the themes.

The previous precinct had a number of mature plant specimens suitable for reuse and these were relocated off site and then replanted when the landscape was under construction. Utilizing this mature vegetation created ‘instant impact’ on opening day. 

This project has also been featured on World Landscape Architecture online and also in the Landscape Australia magazine.

Masterplan of Dreamworks experience

Entry to the Madagascar Madness in Dreamworks
Structure of Madagascar's characters

Photo of Madagascar Madness characters
Photo of entry with attractions

Photo of Shrek sitting
Photo of Shrek with shrubs behind