Sandbrook Seniors Care

The elderly have specific needs and as such outdoor spaces to Senior Care facilities should be designed accordingly.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

project team

Client | McKenzie Aged Care

Shire | Gold Coast City Council

Sandbrook’s lush gardens provide a sub-tropical soothing environment. The facility is divided into four ‘wings’ with two central outdoor spaces between.

The perimeter footpath acts as a circular walking path giving residents the opportunity to achieve their daily exercise in a secure and safe setting. Connection from each room to this circular footpath is also provided.

Sandbrook Seniors Care

Utilizing a sub-tropical plant species selection, the results are lush, colourful green courtyards, communal gardens and perimeter areas. 

Species selection includes:

  • DELONIX regia (Poinciana),
  • CYCAS revoluta (Sago Palm)
  • and PLUMERIA obtusa (Frangipani).

A palette full of colour including broad leaf species tolerant of shade and low light provide a cooling environment to all areas.

The central courtyards are spaces to relax and enjoy a natural cross ventilation breeze that also aids in passive cooling of internal areas.

McKenzie Aged Care commissioned Citicene to provide landscape architectural services including development approval through Gold Coast City Council as well as detailed design and certification services.

Citicene have delivered numerous seniors care facilities throughout Australia. We understand the importance of delivering landscapes that meet seniors requirements and work with our Clients to meet these expectations.