Karalee Town Centre

This $80 Million refurbishment includes the extension of the existing shopping centre, new carparks, new specialty shops and additional services.

Karalee | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

Karalee Town Centre is in the booming Western suburbs of Brisbane. This expansion project adds approximately 5600 square metres of retail space. This includes a Coles Supermarket and an additional 15 specialty shops, new carpark, medical centre and food restaurant. 

Citicene were engaged to deliver Landscape Architectural services for Development Approval as well as construction services. The landscape for shopping centres can typically be neglected. However applying smart design principles help to ensure the development integrates with the surrounding environment. 

standard design principles

overland flow, screening and buffering, provision of shade

Standard design principles that are typically applied to shopping centre developments include:

  • consideration of stormwater overland flow through landscape filtration devices
  • screening and buffering of built form
  • provision of shade for pedestrians and users
  • smart selection of frost and drought tolerant plant species indigenous to the area
  • positioning of trees and shrubs to maintain safe sight-lines and prevent crime.

Close coordination within the consultant team to ensure an integrated and cohesive design outcome while satisfying Council local regulations and conditions are priorities to deliver this project in accordance with the Client’s budget and requirements. 

Colour rendered landscape concept plan of Karalee Town Centre
Karalee Town Centre – Landscape Concept Plan

cohesive design approach


This project included integration with a number of streetscapes and street frontages – part of the local Ipswich City Council’s infrastructure. Meeting the local urban guidelines required by the local authority included the following. 

Fulfill the Ipswich City Council’s Vision

Ipswich City Council’s Vision is to provide the community with attractive public spaces. This includes the provision of quality streets and streetscapes. 

Planning Scheme Policy 3 – General Works

Deliver streetscapes in accordance with the Ipswich City Council Planning Scheme. This includes ensuring the streetscapes are built to required standards and certified as constructed to the standards. All parks and streetscapes are to be constructed in accordance with the specifications contained in the Ipswich Streetscape Design Guideline.  


All landscape work is to be supervised by a Landscape Architect competent in this field of expertise. Certification of the completed works is to be in accordance with Australian Industry Standards and Council Standards.             

Streetscape On Maintenance and Off Maintenance

‘On Maintenance’ and ‘Off Maintenance’ play an important role in delivering a quality streetscape to the local authority. These processes provide a certainty to the local council that they are receiving a well-established quality streetscape that meets their standards and that defects, and damage have been rectified.

Elevation of Karalee Town Centre