Golf Links Estate

Golf Links Residential Estate includes pocket parks,
green spines and tree lined streetscapes.

Weipa | North Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Rio Tinto

Engineer | Lambert & Rehbein

Shire | Weipa Town Authority

Golf Links Estate is a residential subdivision located in Weipa, North Queensland. Developed by Rio Tinto, this residential estate includes a large landscape component that is both functional for stormwater overland flow as well as providing outdoor recreational facilities for residents. 

Aims and Objectives of the landscape included: 

  • enhance streetscape character through the planting of street trees in accordance with the local authority requirements. 
  • stabilise drainage corridors using stabilisation methods such as grassing and seeding. 
  • provide durable playground facilities to the local park for residents. 
  • enhance the site frontage with randomly placed trees. 
  • enhance the pedestrian connectivity of the site by provide walking circuit footpaths for residents throughout the park and subdivision. 

Landscape Aims and Objectives

the landscape is the fabric which ties everything together

streetscape character and performance

Properly designed streetscapes make a significant difference to the communities we live in. This development is no different. Street trees provide shade and enhance streetscape character – beautifying the community and providing distinct visual edges to the road.

Further to this, street trees soften built form in sprawling suburbs and provide shelter and food for fauna. The environmental, social and economic benefits of street trees if implemented correctly is of great value to our communities.

managing our water resources

Stormwater is a notable consideration in the design of subdivisions. Drainage, filtration and protection of infrastructure are all important aspects that need to be considered.

Stabilising large expanses of drainage corridors using cost effective stabilisation methods such as grassing and seeding were implemented on this project. 

outdoor recreation, parks and connectivity

Parks play an important role in our communities. Not only do they allow the directing of significant overland flows, they also protect natural ecosystems and provide outdoor recreation opportunities.

In addition to this, often they are the centre of a community, allowing residents to interact with one another. Circuit footpaths provide all important safe linkages within a community and improve connectivity with surrounding facilities.