Emerald Parks

Emerald Parks is a WSUD residential community in Logan Shire, Queensland.

Logan, Queensland, Australia

project team

Client | Kinstone Developments

Shire | Logan City Council

Emerald Parks is a medium size residential lot community in one of the fastest growing Shires of South East Queensland – Logan.

This small lot subdivision includes a bio-filtration basin designed to filter all storm-water runoff from surrounding lots, roads and footpaths. The intention is to control storm-water and reduce pollution flowing into the nearby Berrinba Wetlands Park.

This 2 Stage retention basin allows filtration of stormwater runoff from adjoining residential lots prior to filtering into the neighbouring wtlands.

Batters are vegetated with native species to integrate with the surrounding environment and help trap soil and nutrients that ‘run off’ from the surrounding land, preventing them from entering adjoining waterways.

The basin base will finally be planted with native grasses once the development is complete to provide the necessary filtration to stormwater in accordance with Healthy Waterways requirements.

The land that immediately surrounds wetlands and waterways is some of the most productive fertile land. This land is know as riparian land.

construction images