Lamington Avenue Park

Parks should be welcoming, safe, sustainable, and usable because they are an important part of our urban fabric.

Eagle Farm | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Ellison Properties

Town Planner | HAL Architects

Brisbane City Council required a portion of land to be dedicated to Council as a park as part of a 19-lot residential subdivision in Eagle Farm.

Parks make up a large part of our urban fabric and therefore have an important role to play in our communities. This park connects an existing low-density residential zone to a proposed residential subdivision.

This park’s role in the local community is important because it provides a green space between built forms.

Feature trees that line the pedestrian path throughout the park create enclosure to the large open space while providing a way-finding element from one side of the park to the other.

Landscape objectives were developed to guide park design and included a variety of design principles such as:

  • Consider the needs and cultural values of the local community.
  • Consider site circulation and access.
  • Improve visual amenity while strengthening character.
  • Address and improve site safety and user comfort.
  • Take into account natural values and existing features.
  • Encourage environmental sustainability.

This park had to meet Brisbane City Council’s requirements for local parks, which included playgrounds, furniture and shelter, waste bins, water bubblers, signage, seating, bollards along the road to prevent vehicle access, and footpaths.