Shorncliffe Railway Station

Shorncliffe railway station is the terminus station of the Shorncliffe line in Brisbane. This line serves the bayside suburbs to the north-east of Brisbane CBD.

Shorncliffe | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Queensland Rail

Architect | Solutions Positive Architecture

Shire | Brisbane City Council

An important aspect of the station refurbishment was to maintain and enhance the existing amenity, integrating any new landscape works with the surrounding context.

The site consists of several significant mature trees that have provided amenity and shade to the surrounds of the station for many years. 

The nature of the facility and its operational hours demanded crime prevention as a critical requirement in the design of public areas. This included measures such as maximising opportunities for casual surveillance to all areas and avoiding the creation of hidden places for concealment.

Other landscape upgrades include additional shade trees for carpark areas, lower storey planting to enhance pedestrian areas and pavement upgrades to access walkways.

Landscape to Enhance Infrastructure

Provision of a landscape to enhance the amenity of the proposed new station works including integration with the surrounding landscape context.

Appropriate in Scale and Composition

Consider human scale and how the landscape relates to people. This is achieved through careful consideration of landscape elements including any landscape built form and size of trees at maturity. 

Ensure safety measures to vehicular areas by ensuring clear sightlines for vehicles and pedestrians. Apply C.P.T.E.D. (crime prevention through environmental design) principles in the design of public areas.


Built Form

Soften built form through strategic selection and positioning of screen trees and shrubs. Enhance some views to built form while blocking others. Consider maturity of trees in relation to structures and future impacts likely to occur.   

Landscape Character

Consideration of the surrounding context is important when considering character. Landscape character can be reinforced through selection of finishes and species.