Tradecoast Central Industry

TradeCoast Central is a masterplanned industrial community located in Brisbane’s north-east near Brisbane Airport.

Eagle Farm | Brisbane | Australia

project team

Client | TradeCoast Central

Architect | Sparc Architects

Engineer | Morgan Consulting

Shire | Brisbane City Council

TradeCoast Central is a benchmark for Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD), making use of the opportunity for an integrated approach to water sensitive urban design.

TradeCoast Central developed this particular lot for Brisbane City Council.

Landscape render of Lot 10 Tradecoast Central Water Sensitive Urban Design Channel

water sensitive urban design

Water sensitive urban design principles implemented in this development include a range of ecologically sustainable initiatives.

  • Class A recycled water for fire sprinkler systems, toilets manufacturing and irrigation systems
  • Minimise reliance on potable water
  • Stormwater to be held on site for as long as possible in order to prevent erosion
  • Facilitate stormwater infiltration into the ground and retain in soil for landscape growth
  • Use of crushed recycled materials where possible
  • Employ triple reticulation water supply system – potable, non-potable and recycled water
  • Utilise high efficiency rated water reticulation systems, outlets and appliances.

ecologically sustainable initiatives

Landscape render of Lot 10 Tradecoast Central Water Sensitive Urban Design Channel

native grass for filtration

Planting of native grasses to Bioretention basin was a key feature in it’s function in treating stormwater. The inclusion of trees and shrubs to the basin batters will assist in stabilising the earthworks as well as integrating the space into the natural environment.

Establishment of vegetation and erosion control to a large drainage channel was also an important consideration in the management of site stormwater.

Local native species were used throughout the site to create continuity between the site and the surrounding context, as well as strengthen the existing vegetation

Citicene developed detailed drawings for the purposes of design certification by Brisbane City Council, as well as final certification of the constructed landscape works.

Citicene liaised closely with the client and project engineer to provide suitable treatments across the site stormwater devices in consideration of their function and water flow requirements.

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