Anglican Church Robina

Robina Anglican Church is prominently located in the centre of
Robina Town Centre within the central retail and commercial hub of Robina, facilitating connectivity with the local community.

Robina | Gold Coast | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Robina Anglican Church

Architect | Elevation Architecture

Structural | Westera Partners

Mechanical | MDA Consulting Engineers

Hydraulic | MDA Consulting Engineers

Electrical | MDA Consulting Engineers

Photographer | Paul Griffiths

As part of a refurbishment project, the parish decided to activate the site frontage to improve connectivity with the street and local neighbourhood.

In collaboration with Elevation Architecture, Citicene developed concepts to increase usage of the site frontage and integrate it with the proposed building refurbishment.

Landscape considerations included:

  • Integration of the proposed building renovations into the existing landscape and surrounding context
  • Creating an inviting entry from the street and link to the main entry
  • Reinforcing the site structure and hierarchy through planting selection and finishes
  • Provision of multi-purpose spaces for site users and the public
  • Landscape buffering to site frontage in accordance with GCCC Landscape Code
  • Use of hardy, drought tolerant and low maintenance plants
  • Softening and screening of build form
  • Assessment and retention of suitable existing trees and understorey vegetation where possible.
Sketch of memorial garden
Anglican Church Robina
View of garden with entry pergola

community connections

Wooden bench with canopy above
Main entry to the church

an inviting entry from the street

Main path to the church building
Church front yard alongside corridor
Sketch of front yard
Site Frontage | Anglican Church Robina

provision of multi-purpose spaces for site users and the public