Vue Apartments

Vue residential apartments are located
on the edge of the Brisbane River and comprise
185 units within the two towers and villa complex.

Milton | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | FKP Property Group

Architect | Kris Kowalski Architects

Builder | FKP

A stone’s throw from the Brisbane’s inner city, Vue apartments have direct views along Brisbane River to the East and West.

Positioned on the corner of one of Brisbane’s busy intersections, Coronation Drive and Hale Street, the landscape for this project provides a green buffer between the roadway and entry podium level.

Making a striking statement, a sculptural turf mound precedes the Architectural built form and directly relates to the angular form of the tower.

Approved by Brisbane City Council, the landscape frontage of this development satisfied both the context in which it sits and the continuation of a ‘green’ frontage of other developments along Coronation Drive.

Vue apartments with lawn area planted with sapling

sculptural: an artistic form worked into three-dimensional art objects

Vue apartments in night vision with lights from vehicles and lampposts
Apartment logo on a retaining wall stacked with stone slaps

Night view of apartment through plant silhouette
Mount of grass with apartment building behind

vue ; (= visible) to be in sight ; (= très connu) to be well-known ; to be in the public eye.