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Toowoomba Landscape Architects

Toowoomba, Australia

With the growth of development in the Surat Basin, Toowoomba is changing at a rapid pace and therefore delivering landscapes and urban developments of a high standard is critical to ensure a quality standard of living for the residents of the city. 
Toowoomba Regional Council

Enhancing the amenity of urban areas is a priority for Toowoomba Regional Council. Landscapes also need to comply with standards of the Landscaping Code contained in Part 9 of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme. This ensures they are suitable for the type of development proposed and also the micro-climatic conditions.

Enhancing the amenity of urban areas is a priority for Toowoomba Regional Council. 

Citicene have been involved in numerous commercial developments in the Toowoomba Region including: 

- Herries Office Park, Herries Street, Toowoomba; 

- Bunnings, Gatton
- McDonalds, Gatton
- Eastville
- Optus Communications Infrastructure, Top Camp
- Ergon Energy Depot
- C&K Childcare Centre, Toowoomba North
- Parkview Estate, Glenvale
- Bunnings Toowoomba.

Landscape design services including Concept Design, Documentation and achieving approval through the Toowoomba Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Shire Council. Citicene services the local Toowoomba region.

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