Toombul Bus Interchange

Toombul, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Toombul Bus Interchange is a busy public transport node in Brisbane’s inner Northern ring. It is currently associated with Toombul Shopping Centre. 

Toombul Bus Interchange

Translink underwent a design analysis of the Toombul Bus Interchange with the aim to improve bus operation efficiency. Further to this delivery of an improved transport service for this important public transport node was a priority. 

Located directly opposite Toombul Train Station, this location provides excellent connectivity. It acts as a mini transport node just north of Brisbane’s CBD. 

Associated with the reconfiguration of the interchange, integrating the landscape with the surrounding context was an important factor. This was to contribute to user amenity and establish a defined character. 

A range of planning principles including complimenting the existing built form in terms of scale and composition, selection of appropriate finishes and species and identification of existing pedestrian access routes were just some of the considerations. 

Strengthening the landscape character was achieved through enhancing already existing landscape elements. Also providing additional landscapes features assisted in reinforcing a stronger character.

The site analysis process identified a range of important linkages and relationships to adjoining facilities. A major element is the vehicle thoroughfare through the site. In addition to this, existing streetscapes to ajoining Grace Street and Sandgate Road. Toombul Railway Station, Toombul Shopping Centre and the adjoining Ross Park owned by Brisbane City Council were also important in this analysis.  

Ensuring an integrated approach to the interchange design required consideration of the primary usage of neighbouring environments. Developing strategies to ensure the result delivered a facility that achieves the aims of the project was a priority. 

Site & Context

Surrounded by significant masses of built form, this site is in an intensive urbanised area in
Brisbane’s inner North. 

Existing Bus Interchange

The existing bus station is a large expanse of concrete and vehicle configuration and pedestrian paths are inter-twined, conflicting and numerous.

Neighbouring Streets

Neighbouring streets contain mature vegetation that provide a reasonable landscape buffer between the streetscape and the shopping centre car park.

Toombul Shopping Centre

The existing Toombul Shopping Centre is a large mass of built form that creates a backdrop to the whole precinct.

Ross Park – Brisbane City Council Park

The adjoining Brisbane City Council Park contains a large green space and provides a substantial landscape buffer between the existing residential apartment building and busy Sandgate Road.

Urban Design Principles

This ‘node’ is an activity center where traffic, public transport and people flows come together.

‘a point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch’

Contribution to User Amenity

Ensure the landscape contributes to the end user and provides an amenity that enhances the area. This is achieved through the provision of shade, consideration of safety, ensuring easy and equitable access and pleasant built form including consideration of colours and finishes. 


Ensure the landscape is a functional part of the project that complements the built environment in terms of scale and composition. Consider the existing built form and how it can be enhanced through new landscape and new built form. 


Apply C.P.T.E.D. (crime prevention through environmental design) principles in the design of public areas. Consider pedestrian route desire lines and permeability of the site and adjoining linkages. Consideration of sightlines for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Integrated Built Form

The location and adjoining facilities already provide a high degree of connectivity. Ensuring this is enhanced further at the human scale is an important consideration to ensure a successful facility that will be properly utilised.