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Rockhampton Landscape Architects

Central Queensland, Australia

Citicene are Landscape Architects with experience across Rockhampton Queensland, Australia. We have delivered numerous projects in Rockhampton and  have an excellent understanding of the Rockhampton Regional Council's requirements for landscapes.
Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton is a rapid growing town and as the region grows, Council’s Planning unit provides development assessment to guide development within the community. There are many aspects to development and the landscape is an important component that enhances the quality of living as well as protects the environment that shapes the world around us.

It is important to ensure standards are upheld in development which includes the delivery of high quality design and solutions to maintain and maximise the standard and quality of life we enjoy. Poor design and poor construction have detrimental effects for years to come and every attempt to avoid these outcomes should be a priority for any community. 
Smart decisions and quality design coupled with first class construction make a huge difference to the communities in which we live and delivering to the lowest dollar value is an outcome that no community should desire or accept.

Rockhampton has a unique history and natural environment and protecting these aspects is an important goal for Rockhampton Regional Council. Citicene have delivered numerous projects across the Rockhampton region and are well aware of the expectations, quality and standards that Council set in regard to landscape that are required to maintain the quality of life throughout the region. 

Rockhampton Regional Council have specific requirements when it comes to landscape for any project. Landscape Works are to be documented in accordance with their Planning Scheme and must meet their quality guidelines to ensure fast and efficient approval.

We have extensive knowledge of Rockhampton Regional Council's requirements for landscape that Council expect to see with regard to Landscape for the region. Contact us to learn more about what we can deliver for your project. 



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