Whitewater World Vegetation Masterplan

As part of the Whitewater World theme park development, Citicene were engaged to produce a Landscape Species Masterplan for the new waterpark. 

Coomera | Gold Coast | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Dreamworld

Shire | Gold Coast City Council

The design exercise included determining appropriate landscape characters for each individual precinct of the new park. Precinct characters were determined through consultation with theme consultant Atomiq, who had specific ideas for each ride or attraction within the park.

The landscape strategy was to strengthen these individual precincts through specific species selections based on form, habit, size, colour, availability and hardiness. 

The landscape species master plan is a document that is still referred to when rejuvenating or re-modelling the site. 


The precincts provided opportunity to create both a contrast and synergy between both Dreamworld and Whitewater World.

contrast and synergy

Beachside Resort

The Wave Pool character reflects that of a Beachside Resort. Trees, shrubs and ground covers which reflect an elegant, relaxed and coastal atmosphere provide visual interest, shade and increased amenity. 

Coastal Main Street

The character of the Entrance Precinct reflects a main street often found in Queensland coastal towns. Informal clusters of palms and trees adjacent to buildings and in lawn areas provide shade for visitors to plan their Waterpark adventure.

Coastal Bay

The Toddlers precinct reflects the character of a protected Coastal Bay and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for both children and parents. 

Rainforest meets the Beach

The Octopus Race precinct reflects a rainforest beach character. The elegant palms reflect a rainforest character and reinforce the verticallity of the rides. They also soften the harsh built form appearance of the steel support structures. 

Coastal Estuary

The coastal estuary character complements the proposed river that meanders throughout the precinct. The use of shrubs and shady trees often found in the coastal estuary regions of Australia are central to creating the character of a tranquil meandering watercourse. 

Heathland Buffer

The Buffer Area precinct incorporates the best species from each of the 8 precincts that reflect the overall theme of Australian Beach Culture. Trees, shrubs and ground covers provide visual interest and suitable screening needed between the Waterpark and surrounding facilities. 

A Blueprint for Future Growth

A Masterplan is a document that provides a blueprint to guide future decisions within the various precincts.

With the addition of the Whitewater World Waterpark comes an opportunity to create both a contrast and synergy between the adjoining theme parks.

It is important to complement the Architecture and theme of each precinct and help reinforce distinct and identifiable precincts across the site.

With an underlying theme of Australian Beach Culture, enhancing visual impact through plant species selection and arrangement creates a ‘theatre’ of individual precincts. These become easily recognisable for patrons and define a distinct identity to enhance the experience.

Theme park landscape architecture underpins the overall character and success of a theme park. It is an important cornerstone in the overall theme of any park.

The landscape acts as a backdrop to reinforce the strong themed elements of rides, facilities, buildings and infrastructure.

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