Oak Tree Retirement Kanwal

Oak Tree Retirement at Kanwal includes a ‘green’ frontage, tree lined internal access roads, recreation areas including swimming pool and bowling green and an ecological asset protection zone.

Kanwal | New South Wales | Australia

project team

Client | Oak Tree Group

Architect| YK Designs

Engineer | Lambert & Rehbein

Shire | Central Coast Council

This facility provides a landscape specifically tailored to meet resident needs and requirements.

Located within Wyong Shire Council, on the New South Wales Central Coast. The development includes 59 villas, village centre, swimming pool and bowling green, all specifically tailored to meet residents needs. 

The landscape meets design standards specific to the client’s developments, as well as Wyong Shire Council’s development guidelines. Citicene worked closely with Oak Tree Group and consultant team to deliver a landscape to meet the brief.  

Rendered landscape concept plan of Kanwal Seniors Care Community Centre

key design elements

  • A low maintenance landscape suited to management’s operational requirements
  • Species selection to suit the local climate and site conditions
  • Maintenance access paths to all villas
  • A landscape buffer to the site frontage Screen planting to the interface of private and communal areas
  • Integration of bio-retention basin and swale within the asset protection zone to the rear of site  
  • Consideration of the bushfire management measures determined for the site and integration of the landscape in accordance with these principles.  

Delivery of the detailed design phase, tender and construction services were provided to deliver this landscape from concept to completion.  

village centre

The Village Centre accommodates the recreational needs of residents with a landscape that complements the type of facility in its location and context.

The Village Centre provides opportunities for residents to socialise, participate and contribute to the community in which they live.  

Providing opportunities for recreational pursuits, the Village Centre is strategically positioned for easy access while providing a natural outlook. 

Surrounded by indigenous species, specimen shade trees, decorative garden beds, turf open space and footpath linkages to adjoining residences and facilities, the landscape enhances the Village Centre and natural surrounding environment.

Overlooking an extensive Asset Protection Zone, the context is rural and integrates within the existing landscape.

Views to the North framed by specimen shade trees provide an atmosphere of relaxation with a natural backdrop perfect for residents with a desire to engage with their community in an enhanced setting. 

project scope and timeline

From concept to completion, the following landscape architectural services were part of this project’s scope.

Preliminary Landscape Design

Citicene delivered preliminary landscape feedback and advice in accordance with the site Masterplan.

Schematic Landscape Design

As the site Masterplan developed, Citicene provided landscape concept services to achieve a Develoment Consent from Wyong Shire Council. (New South Wales).

Design Development

Working closely with the Architect and consultant team, Citicene provided design development services to take the site to the next phase. 

Detailed Design

Providing full detailed design for ‘soft’ landscape works and ‘hard’ landscape works was part of the scope. An extensive coordination process including milestone Client and Stakeholder reviews was also required.

Tender, Construction and Certification Services

Delivering the landscape on site including certification is also part of the landscape architectural scope.

Rendered masterplan of Kanwal Senior Care