Stoneleigh Reserve

This large residential community is positioned alongside a
waterway corridor and as a result includes a significant
amount of recreational outdoor space for users and residents.

Stoneleigh | Logan | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Lendlease

Landscape Contractor | Eureka Landscapes

Consulting Engineers | Civil Dimensions

Shire | Logan City Council

The landscape architectural design incorporates, numerous parks including play equipment, barbeques, seating and a strong ‘farmyard’ theme. * Designed by Lendlease

Walkways and footpaths throughout the development are lined with canopy trees to shade streetscapes and soften built form. 

WSUD stormwater control

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is a major component of this project. Large bio-filtration devices incorporated into the parkland and adjoining football fields filter storm-water runoff prior to it flowing into the nearby creek.

A significant component of this parkland is dedicated to controlling and filtering stormwater. The benefits to the community including the surrounding suburbs is significant.

Stroll pathway in the park
Pagoda and bench of the park

two major benefits of Water Sensitive Urban Design

Firstly, the practice of directing stormwater through the landscape maximises the visual and recreational amenity of developments.

In addition to this, protecting and enhancing the quality of water draining from urban development into nearby water bodies is another major benefit.

Water Sensitive Urban Design prioritizes the natural physical elements of the land and considers the

environment prior to making decisions on the built form works such as roads and buildings.

Citicene assisted Lendlease throughout the detailed documentation and Logan City Council approval stages. 

Color Painting on a seating.
Groundcovers, seatings and trees across the path from Wayfinder
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