Nottingham Terraces

Nottingham Terraces is a development of 31 spacious luxury town-homes created with a modern lifestyle in mind.

Parkinson | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | Cadmium Investment

Architect | Archidiom

This site backs onto a significant landscaped ‘green corridor’ and park surrounding Sheep Station Creek that weaves its way through several suburbs and eventually flows into Oxley Creek in Brisbane’s South. 

A perfect setting for any development the ‘green corridor’ includes many walking tracks, a large lake, pocket parks and recreational facilities that stretch for miles. 

As part of the development approval for this project, a medium pocket park to the rear of the site was part of an infrastructure agreement with the Local Authority. The design of this space was important to ensure continuity of green linkages through out the area. 

The landscape design incorporates: 

  • Plant species suitable to the location in accordance with Brisbane City Council guidelines. 
  • Landscape buffers to adjoining sites including upper, mid and understorey planting. 
  • Shade trees to pedestrian, vehicular, private courtyards and communal areas for user-amenity. 
  • Planting of Native Grasses to bio-retention zones to cleanse stormwater runoff. 
  • Rejuvenation of existing streetscape zones with new trees, turf and footpaths.

Citicene provided Landscape Architectural advice for schematic design and detailed design including negotiation with Brisbane City Council regarding infrastructure arrangements for the park.