Landscaped entry statement to Lakeview Springs including feature palms, stone wall signage and vegetation.

Lakeview Springs is a multi-stage master-planned lifestyle community situated on the Southern outskirts of beautiful Hervey Bay, Queensland.

The landscape aim was to create a ‘sense of place’ that integrates the built form with nature, providing a serene escape for residents seeking resort style community living.

Surrounded by undulating topography, a large lake and numerous waterway corridors, this project is a sprawling residential lifestyle resort, providing a large range of facilities for residents.

Delivering high quality landscape outcomes, the central park and lake are the major focal point and heart of the community as a landmark for both residents and visitors.

Eight key principles drive the site design creating a holistic experience with the aim of improving liveability.

The subtropical layered planting palette creates a visually rich and diverse environment, showcasing a vibrant array of plant species with varying heights, textures, and colours.

Citicene contributed from initial landscape design concepts all the way through to providing construction services as a vital part of the consultant team for this remarkable project.

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