Harmony Estate

Harmony Estate is a residential subdivision within the Logan City Shire. This development is located in Park Ridge, and consists of 42 residential lots along a newly built road.

Logan , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

project team

Client | Tombay

Civil Engineer | Civil Dimensions

Civil Contractor | BL Civil

Shire | Logan City Council

Harmony Estate was built with stormwater quality in mind and includes a 1200 square metre retention and filtration basin. In accordance with Water Sensitive Urban Design guidelines, this basin captures all storm-water from the adjacent residential lots and roadways.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design allows the water cycle to function as it naturally would. This approach integrates water management into development through the construction of features that control and filter storm-water.

The aim is to reduce the level of pollution that flows into our waterways and ocean. WSUD components include features such as rain gardens, storm-water swales, filtration and retention basins, wetlands and porous pavements.

Image of water sensitive urban design basin residential subdivision
Image of water sensitive urban design basin residential subdivision

Water Filtration and Retention Basin

This particular project included a water filtration and retention basin that was constructed as part of the residential subdivision works. Storm-water runoff from surrounding roadways and footpaths within the Estate, flows to the basin which is filled with native grasses tolerant of water inundation.

These specific plants filter pollutants within the storm water and ensure clean runoff flows to surrounding water bodies and infrastructure.

Species for Filtration

Species such as Tall Sedge (CAREX paniculata) and Kangaroo Grass (THEMEDA triandra) are suitable species to perform this role and are proven performers for tolerance of water inundation.

In addition to this, native Australian Oak, Eucalyptus, Paperbarks and Casuarina trees surround the front of the basin. The bio-basin’s role is to help improve the health of the environment and create an eco-friendly suburb that is site specific.