Cargo on Musgrave

Developed by BHC – Creating Liveable Communities, Cargo on Musgrave is a contemporary development positioned along a creek corridor in Brisbane’s South.

Coopers Plains | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client | BHC – Creating Liveable Communities

Architect | CDI Architects

Builder | Walton Construction Queensland

Shire | Brisbane City Council

A community surrounded by green spaces and mature trees, this project consists of two apartment multi-level buildings surrounded by a number of town-homes.

Citicene were commissioned by BHC – Creating Liveable Communities to deliver landscape architectural consultancy services.

These services included: 

  • Achieving landscape approval with the local authority – Brisbane City Council; 
  • Sub-consultancy engagement and co-ordination for ecological services for the adjoining waterway corridor; 
  • Sub-consultancy engagement and co-ordination for arborist services for existing vegetation; 
  • Landscape design for all outdoor spaces including the rehabilitation of the neighbouring waterway corridor. The site has a NALL Classification (Natural Assets Local Law) and required retention and protection of a number of existing trees including a large Ficus Sp. tree to the centre of the site. The successful retention of this tree now provides a focal point to the entry and linear central driveway spine of the site.

Landscape for Living

The Landscape includes numerous outdoor areas for residents. Featuring two outdoor entertaining spaces with barbeque and shelter facilities. 

Other landscape elements included: 

  • Drainage swales to direct overland water flow to a central bio-basin; 
  • A central rainforest green space with feature trellis; 
  • A heavily vegetated acoustic mound to the Eastern end of the site to assist in suppressing adjoining intersection traffic noise; 
  • Re-vegetation and rehabilitation of the waterway corridor; 
  • A productive garden – vegetable communal garden space for residents. 

A natural plant palette boasting a wide variety of native species to ensure hardiness and minimal maintenance. 

Protection and Enhancement of Existing Context

rehabilitate the existing environment

Cargo on Musgrave’s landscape compliments the surrounding context achieved with a native species palette helping to rehabilitate the existing environment.

Cost effective, attractive and appropriate to the surrounding context, the landscape also reduces the impacts of the built form.

One way this is achieved is through the retention of numerous mature trees across the site.

The retention of these trees provides instant landscape buffers that provide shade and soften neighbouring views upon the site from adjoining residences. These trees also protect natural habitats for local fauna.

rehabilitate, regenerate, preserve and enhance

residential landscapes for living