Nottingham Road Park

Parkinson, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

As part of a larger ‘green spine’ that meanders its way through Parkinson, this park was dedicated to Council as part of the adjoining Residential Development.

project team

Client | Cadmium Investments

Redevelopment of several acreage sites into townhouses along Nottingham Road at Parkinson, south of Brisbane required space to be dedicated as Brisbane City Council Parkland. 

Citicene were commissioned to develop a landscape concept for a park dedication area adjacent to existing parkland and pedestrian networks, as well as a future development area. 

Assessment of the existing context revealed a number of design principles that were developed into a landscape concept plan adopted by Council for future development.

Colour rendered plan of Nottingham Road Park

Landscape Elements

Important considerations included, pedestrian circulation, design appropriate to the size of the park, views for CEPTED requirements, shade, retention of significant vegetation and integration with the surrounding bushland character. 

Specifically, objectives included: 

  • Ensure pedestrian circulation through the new park and adjoining parkland, surrounding developments; 
  • Provide park facilities in accordance with Brisbane City Council requirements for local parks;  
  • Maximise views into the park from the new road; 
  • Provide shade for users, soften built form and enhance the park with trees, shrubs and groundcovers;  
  • Ensure park and associated facilities meet Brisbane City Council maintenance requirements;
  • Design in accordance with C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) requirements;  
  • Create a bushland landscape character that integrates the park with the adjacent parkland and greater landscape context;  
  • Maximise tree retention to park and provide park embellishments amongst existing trees. 

pedestrian circulation, CEPTED, vegetation retention, views, vegetation selection, passive surveillance