Rivergate Marina
& Shipyard $200M Expansion

Rivergate marina is Australia’s premier refit destination. Rivergate’s shipyard carries out more than 500 haul-outs per year, making it one of the busiest shipyards in the Southern Hemisphere.

Murarrie | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Client| Coriolis Marine

Architect | Group 4 Architects

Engineer | Cardno

Shire | Brisbane

With an aim to increase the visitation of luxury vessels to Australia and the wider Pacific region, this expansion will provide the facilities to service larger vessels over 50 metres in length.

The refit includes a new syncrolift capable of lifting super-yachts of up to 3,000 tonnes. This allows the ability to provide important maintenance including repairs and refits.

landscape aim

create a high quality, visually iconic and low maintenance landscape that
assists to identify the site as a premium international facility

character & objectives

  • signature specimen trees
  • identification and enhancement of site entry points
  • the provision of shade and landscape buffering to assist in reducing the impacts of built form
  • plant species that are native to the local area
  • contribute to a drought resistant and sustainable landscape that is tolerant of the river front site conditions.

practical considerations

Maintenance considerations include accessibility to landscape areas, plant growth habits and water requirements.

The proposal also incorporates WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) principles to mitigate the environmental impact of the development. Dense planting of native grasses to bio-retention swales forms a critical component of the treatment of stormwater runoff collected from hardstand areas.

Recreation nodes along Ferry Walk with shade structures, tables and seating and planters provide enclosure and relief from hardstand are also proposed.

Citicene were commissioned to assist in achieving development approval including the provision of developing a landscape character for the development.