m1 Yatala Enterprise Park

m1 Yatala Enterprise Park is an industrial subdivision positioned directly adjacent to Yatala Brewery and the M1 Motorway – midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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The Gold Coast industrial suburbs of Yatala, Stapylton and Ormeau, known collectively as the Yatala Enterprise Area (YEA), is one of the most important industrial land resources, particularly for large scale industry in South East Queensland. 

Yatala Industrial Estate is a 3,000 hectare area zoned for commercial and industrial use. Located at the northern end of the Gold Coast it is adjacent to the busy M1 Motorway that links Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The landscape design addresses sensitive visual impact and storm-water filtration requirements. Citicene provided a range of landscape architectural services for this project including: 

Aerial photo of industrial subdivision at Yatala Queensland
m1Yatala Enterprise Park

Visual Impact Assessment

As part of the Local Authority approval process – a Visual Impact Assessment was required.

A visual analysis was carried out to understand the potential visual impacts of the proposed development and establish parameters for mitigating these impacts. 

Key areas identified as defining the visual character of the site were:

  • The stretch of land adjacent to the intersection of Elderslie Road & Darlington Drive 
  • The stretch of land along Elderslie Road between the site and road 
  • The stretch of land along Darlington Drive between the site & road 
  • The entrance to the estate from Darlington Drive 
  • The adjacent lot terraces & retaining structures 
  • The parking zones within lot boundaries 
  • The Northern site boundary. 

The existing conditions at each of these locations was assessed, analysing the constraints. Methods to improve the visual amenity of each space were proposed.

One of the key mitigation strategies recommended was the establishment of significant landscape buffers. The intent of these zones was to soften the visual impact of the proposed built form and reduce noise pollution where suitable buffer depths could be achieved. 

Buffering includes strategically positioned tall trees, dense screen trees and shrubs and groundcovers made up of local native species selected for drought tolerance.

The buffer was recommended to be established during the bulk earthworks phase of the development, to allow for maximum establishment of vegetation prior to the development of any individual lots. 

The assessment identified proposed building heights of the development, as well as a comparison of the massing with the nearby Carlton & United Yatala Brewery. Proposed fence types were also considered as part of the study. 

Photo montages representing key viewpoints to the site were compiled to communicate the intent of the proposed landscape mitigation methods. 

Existing View from M1 Motorway
Existing View: Existing View to site from Motorway looking North
Proposed View from M1 Motorway
Proposed View: Proposed View to site from Motorway looking North indicating mitigation strategies

It was concluded that most of the critical visual impacts could be negotiated to achieve a reasonably coherent, visually non-intrusive industrial development.

Statement of Landscape Intent

Identifies the design philosophy that is to be incorporated into the Detailed Landscape Plans submitted for Operational Works approval.

Following on from the Visual Impact Assessment Gold Coast City Council required a Statement of Landscape Intent. This purpose is to address the landscape in relation to the site context.  

Colour rendered landscape master plan
Statement of Landscape Intent – Landscape Site Analysis Plan

Topography reveals a series of rising terraces parallel to the Darlington Drive, culminating at a hill towards the North-Western Boundary. This hill is perceived as a feature from distance. Due to its elevation, the site commands a prominent view from all roads. 

The Southern and Eastern edge of the site features a continuous natural swale which is part of the natural drainage system and hence required a specific drainage & landscape strategy. 

The upper Eastern edge features a steep slope with exposed rock surface starting right next to Elderside Road. 

Deriving inspiration from the natural features, accounting for the adjacent developments and considering the visual impact of the site, appropriate landscape strategies were adopted for the development.

Image of m1 Yatala Enterprise Park signage wall

Street trees in timber protection cages
Landscape garden beds and black security fence