Silk is luxury living designed for Ascot. Positioned in the heart of Racecourse Road, Silk is home to 11 superbly designed apartments.

Ascot | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Architect | Loucas Zahos Architects

Developer | Guavalime

Builder | Geocal Constructions

Silk is a mixed use development positioned on Racecourse Road in Ascot, inner Brisbane. A combination of apartment living and commercial space, this development is in the heart of the Ascot community.

The aim is to create a landscape that enhances and integrates with the contemporary architecture of the building. In addition to this, making a positive contribution to the streetscape and amenity of the locality was important.

Vertical vegetation in the form of green walls within the foyer and entry points help to reduce the impacts of built form.

External landscape spaces also provide buffering to neighbouring properties in accordance with the local plan requirements.

The use of native plant species ensures a drought tolerant solution requiring minimal maintenance.

Shaded areas of the internal concourse and walkways provide opportunities for lush subtropical planting incorporating a mix of native and exotic species.

designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment

Part of the Concourse incorporates further greenwall’s to further soften the built form and provide a point of visual interest. Climbers also soften walls and maximise the use of space.

Streetscape treatment to Racecourse Road and Beatrice Terrace integrates the site with the surrounding street context in accordance with the guidelines for the Racecourse Road Precinct SCIP (Suburban Centres Improvement Project) treatment.

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