Oro Apartments

With panoramic views across the Broadwater toward Wave Break Island and the Gold Coast Spit, this development provides a high-quality living experience.

Biggera Waters | Gold Coast | Queensland | Australia

project team

Architect | Rust Architecture Design

Town Planner | Find-a-Site

Shire | Gold Coast City Council

Oro Apartments is a luxury apartment development, providing a high-quality living experience on the Esplanade directly opposite the Broadwater in Biggera Waters, Gold Coast.

The landscape of this project reflects the contemporary Architectural style with a sub-tropical species palette.

Integration between the apartments and their context as well as providing a cool and refreshing environment for users and residents strengthens the sense of community ownership of the development.  

contemporary Architectural style

Hierarchical vegetation at various heights creates a holistic and submersive experience of the environment for its occupants.

The landscape of these types of developments is becoming ever more highly regarded as residential density is intensified within our urban areas and outdoor public space is concentrated. 

Architectural perspective render of Oro

landscape for urban living

landscape elements


A sub-tropical environment with hardy species tolerant of coastal exposure is critical for a project in this location.


Broad leaf shade loving species and vigorous overhead climbers assist in creating a landscape that softens the harsh built form typically experienced in apartment living and creates an attractive lush environment.

Maintenance and Life Span

Maintenance over the long term is an important consideration as well as longevity of plant growth. Provision of deep podium planters and appropriate podium soil mixes ensure a landscape that thrives in the environment.

The presence of well-designed landscapes and open space components within projects is related to the health and well-being of users, thereby increasing their importance in creating high-quality living environments.

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