Podium landscaped space at Casa Residences

Casa Residences

Residential apartment living in the heart of Brisbane, Casa Residences
offer both location and convenience.

Woolloongabba | Brisbane | Queensland | Australia

project team

Project Manager | Bootooloo

Architect | Tonic

Engineer | Morgans Consulting Engineers

Shire | Brisbane City Council

Casa Residences are conveniently located in Woolloongabba, a rapidly growing inner suburb of Brisbane, Australia.

Apartment living provides advantages such as lower costs, less maintenance, more amenities, added security, and the ability to live in a location of your choice.

These new apartments feature landscape spaces to allow for outdoor recreation and communal gathering. The main landscape area within the apartments culminates in a rooftop garden with various amenities for residents to gather and interact with one another.

These amenities include a swimming pool, bbq area, outdoor furniture, and lush subtropical planting.

The importance of adequate podium landscapes in elevated living is critical to achieving outdoor environments that not only meet environmental benchmarks, but also provide spaces for users to feel safe and healthy.

Casa Residences
Casa Residences
Casa Residences
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