Elaeocarpus eumundii | Eumundi Quandong

What a great tree! Dark, glossy leaves with a conical canopy habit, this is a popular tree with Landscape Architects around Brisbane.

Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus eumundii
Common Name: Eumundi Quandong or smooth-leaved quandong
Height: 8 to 10 m
Spread: 3 to 4 m
Shade: Yes
Full Sun: Yes
Citicene Rating: 5 Stars


A great low maintenance tree. Tolerates minimal care.

Drought tolerance

Yeah pretty good.

Will it Grow in Brisbane?


Shade Tolerance

Loves sun or shade.


Grows to about 5 to 8 metres high. Spread can vary but it is a conical type habit so great for narrow spots as well as boundaries alignments to hide yourself from your neighbor.


Street tree, landscape boundary buffer tree, feature screen tree, rain-forest tree

Elaeocarpus eumundii | Eumundi Quandong