Mount Gravatt Mixed Use Masterplan

Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This mixed-use development is located in the heart of Mount Gravatt Central. The development aims to activate an underutilised area of Mount Gravatt Central and become the central hub linking surrounding developments. 

Plan of Mount Gravatt Masterplan
Mount Gravatt Mixed Use Masterplan

Mount Gravatt is one of Brisbane’s suburbs undergoing significant urban change and renewal. The centralised location of the site requires the proposed redevelopment to provide opportunities for businesses, residents and community groups.

In conjunction with Peddle Thorpe Architects, Citicene developed a Landscape Masterplan of the site and greater context to inform the schematic design process. The master planning phase explored opportunities to create a vibrant community precinct through seamless integration of indoor and outdoor environments.

Context and Improvements

Addressing the existing context and identifying areas for improvement, the Landscape Masterplan informs the schematic design process.

Green Lane

Establish a ‘green laneway’ of low speed traffic to afford a pedestrian friendly streetscape comprising shade trees, vertical green elements, street furniture and decorative pavement treatments to enhance character and activate the space while maintaining a vehicular link between Bothwell Street and Creek 

Central Communal Gathering Hub

Provide an open air shaded green space central to the existing and proposed buildings, with opportunities for overhead shade structures, shade trees, 
seating and artwork to define a central pedestrian ‘node’ suitable for seating, congregating and socialising.

Pedestrian ‘Green’ Spine Easements

Enhance and further activate existing easements through shade trees, overhead trellis structures, seating and enhanced lighting. Provide access opportunities to establish retail outlets from adjoining properties onto Easement.

Pedestrian Access

Maintain and enhance existing pedestrian access. Introduce overhead trellis structures, shade trees, additional planting, seating and pavement treatments as well as modification of ramping.

Pedestrian Network

Connect pedestrian access to adjoining facilities to further enhance pedestrian permeability. Incorporate ramping to allow for changes in grade and trees to provide shade and shelter to pedestrians.

Public Transport

Maintain existing transport options and refurbish where appropriate. Enhance the streetscape with additional understory planting to depleted areas.

A Guide to Inform Design

The Landscape Masterplan provided a broad design direction for the associated development – Mount Gravatt Mixed Use.

Architectural render of Mount Gravatt Mixed Use Development
Mount Gravatt Mixed Use

Peddle Thorpe

Town Planner