Mermaid Sanctuary

Mermaid Sanctuary

Mermaid Sanctuary is a premium residential canal community located in the heart of Mermaid Waters, on Queensland’s iconic Gold Coast.

Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

A 12 lot residential subdivision, the landscape aim for this project is to create a high quality landscape setting that identifies the site as a luxurious waterside residential address.

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Landscape Character

The landscape character of the development is defined through signature Canary Island palm species (Phoenix Canariensis) and high-quality finishes which contribute to creating a relaxed coastal living experience.

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Landscape elements key to the design and character include:

  • Canary Island palms positioned to both sides of the new road to form an avenue through the community.
  • feature flowering trees to mark the site entry creating a visually appealing entry statement.
  • lower storey plants to the road verge including a variety of low grasses, strappy-leaf plants and groundcovers that enhance the coastal character and break up areas of turf and pavement.
  • careful selection and positioning of vegetation to allow casual surveillance creating a safe environment for residents and visitors.
  • hardscape finished with premium quality finishes such as Travertine stone, concrete road finishes, laser cut signage and the latest light fittings.

Additionally, the proposed water sensitive urban design solutions support healthy ecosystems to assist in reducing the impacts of human behaviour on the environment.

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Project Team

Client | SDS Projects Australia Pty Ltd

Civil Engineer | Inertia Engineering

Arborist | Independent Arb