Master Plan

Definition: A comprehensive document that sets out an overall strategy.


A Master-plan is a document that provides a guide to future growth and development. It could involve either a strategic master-plan or a project specific master-plan. Basic principles are common to the process of establishing a Master-plan.

Economic, Social and Environmental factors are typically the key drivers for change. This could range from wishing to attract investment through to the desire to improve, rehabilitate and regenerate a parcel of land.

Plan of Mount Gravatt Masterplan

Whatever the desire, carefully planned stakeholder engagement and a comprehensive consultation process is an important step in the production of a Masterplan. Without proper planning and consultation a Masterplan is likely to fail due to the changes not being well received in the community.

Rendered plan of a school masterplan

The purpose of the master-planning process is to encourage creative thinking and define a road-map that achieves a defined set of outcomes.

Residential Masterplanning

With regard to residential subdivision development there are a number of critical components that should be considered if the development is to achieve a sustainable outcome. 

These are correct lot orientation and retention and protection of significant vegetation in combination with consideration of the topography and natural elements of the site. 

These components can significantly impact the ‘flow on’ effects of impacts on the environment and getting them correct at the initial stages of a project will ensure a successful outcome at the end. 

Citicene have been involved in numerous Master-planning activities and have delivered a range of master plans from Species Master plans to Residential Site Master plans.