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Marist College

Ashgrove, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Marist College is a Catholic Boys’ Day and Boarding School
located in Brisbane's Western suburb of Ashgrove. 

Marist College

Marist College is a Catholic Boys Day and Boarding School located in Ashgrove, Brisbane. Citicene were engaged to deliver landscape architectural advice for upgrades to the original "Tower Block" that was the first and still remains the prominent building on the College campus.

In conjunction with the Architect, Citicene delivered a landscape concepts for an upgraded courtyard that links into an upgraded internal roadway.

The landscape design was heavily influenced by elements from the existing piazza and surrounding landscape. Continuing
the angle of a footpath edge onto the road created the line work for the road’s contrasting pavement.

To link the existing piazza into the new design, certain existing design features were also continued throughout Glenlyon Drive.

Landscape elements include:

• Raised planter boxes throughout the piazza road to provide
shade trees and low understorey planting
• Contrasting pavement to building entries
• Feature banding, in the centre of the road, to continue the existing
piazza theme
• Concrete bench seats to the proposed piazza
• Pavement banding to tie into existing pavements.

Marist College Ashgrove
Solution Positive Architecture

Marist College Landscape Architecture
Marist College

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