Lite n’ Easy

Eastern Creek, New South Wales, Australia

Lite n’ Easy’s goal is to create a healthier Australia
by changing the way Australians eat.

Aerial photo of Lite n Easy Factory

Lite n’ Easy make it easier for people to eat well, whether they want to lose weight or simply stay healthy. As a quality driven food company, everything associated with Lite n’ Easy is about delivering quality.

This extends to all aspects of the company including their infrastructure, as well as the presentation of their premises. 

This new factory in Sydney’s Eastern Creek area was no exception and landscape impact was achieved immediately on opening day. This was achieved through framing the site frontages with a strong landscape statement of mature Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) specimens. 

Embracing the quality ethos of Lite n’ Easy, these impressive Date Palms establish a dramatic street frontage – and the impact is instant.

In addition to this, mature ‘ex-ground’ Cotton Palms (Washingtonia robusta) reinforce the verticality of the built form.

verticality – position at right angles to the horizon. verticalness, erectness, uprightness.

Native shrubs and species indigenous to the local area are aligned in bands across garden beds to reflect a sense of ‘order’ and strengthen the landscape character while meeting the local authority species requirements for the area.