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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Queensland, Australia

Visual Landscape Planning is an important component of an Environmental Impact Assessment and determines visual impacts on the landscape due to development within the world in which we live.

Development can often be associated with major changes to the landscape including the visual aspects so therefore it is important to correctly assess and determine these impacts prior to proceeding with development.

A range of terms are associated with Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) and this terminology explains in detail each aspect of visual assessment as it relates to the landscape and people living within the context impacted by the changes. Through a range of assessment techniques and tools, a Visual Impact Level is determined and typically described using a ranking system such as High, Medium or Low. This process combined with other expert advice within ecology, heritage and social issues culminate to determine the overall impact of a development within its context.

Drilling down into the detail of a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment a range of aspects are assessed and some of these include:

- Views and Viewshed
- Landscape Character
- Amenity
- Sensitive Receivers
- Visual Absorption Capacity
- Magnitude of Change
- Impacts
- Mitigation Measures.

Assessment can be determined through a range of techniques including site visits, desktop analysis, mapping software, photo montages and photography. Generally, views are analysed from locations in the immediate areas of any sensitive receivers to determine the likely visual impact of the project both during construction and in operation phases. The existing topography, context and existing vegetation all play major roles in the assessment of visual impacts and consideration of these is the first 'port of call' in the assessment process.

Once a rating of any visual impact has been determined, mitigation methods to reduce impacts can also be determined. Citicene has been involved in a number of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments for numerous projects across Queensland. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in providing expert advice for your project.  



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