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Katherine Landscape Architects

Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Katherine is a town in Northern Territory, Australia. It is the fourth largest settlement in the Territory and is known as the place where "The outback meets the tropics". 
Katherine Town Council

Katherine Region is located in the Northern Territory on a main road and rail junction connecting Darwin to eastern, western and southern regions of Queensland.

Due to this, agriculture and construction have become some of the larger industry sectors in the Katherine Region, bringing new business and economic development opportunities to the town.

Katherine Town Council owns and maintains a number of parks and reserves throughout the Region and focuses strongly on preserving the history and culture of the indigenous community. Katherine’s tropical climate consists of wet and dry seasons in which temperatures can reach 37 degrees Celsius on a summer day. Therefore, it is important to provide and/or maintain shade trees to community areas.  
The Northern Territory Planning Commission has provided Katherine with a Land Use Plan to help improve and protect the landscape values of the region during future development and growth of the community. Its Environmental Management Objective lists environmental features that are significant to Katherine and need to be considered for growth in the future as well as the protection of potential impacts. 



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