k130 Mining Camp

Fairview, Roma, Queensland, Australia

K130 Mining Camp is an accommodation village located outside of Roma in the Queensland outback. 

Typically, the outback is a harsh environment and the location of this camp is no different. Careful consideration of species was required to ensure survivability and availability for such a remote location. 

3 Dimensional image of k130 Mining Camp

Consideration of the layout of the camp was specifically required to deliver a landscape that met a strict budget while sufficient enough for such a large expanse of area. Recreation and pedestrian areas were prioritized for landscape treatment. 

Other cost effective and low maintenance initiatives included using a locally selected inorganic mulch for the majority of the planted areas and these worked in combination with larger aggregate to drainage swales to direct overland flow. 

Meeting a landscape strict budget, Citicene in conjunction with Scape Shapes delivered a landscape that met the builders budget and time frame requirements. 

Mining camps can be temporary or permanent. Typically they house a lot of personnel that are away from home so it makes perfect sense to create environments that contribute to the well-being of residents but also meet cost effective construction budgets.

Landscape Environment

Specifically, for a project of this type and character, landscape elements included: 

Maintenance Consideration

Inorganic mulch (pebble) to the majority of garden beds to reduce maintenance. Selection of durable, low maintenance and hardy plant species to suit the local micro-climate conditions

User Amenity

Strategic placement of species to enhance and prioritize pedestrian and user amenity. Correct placement of trees to maximize shade opportunities. 


Consideration and management of overland flow across the site.