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Monolithic Granite Plaza Seats


Granite Plinth Seats - Design by Citicene

Granite Plinth Seats with Timber Inserts

As part of the Centenary Square project in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, Citicene designed a range of seats with the aim to enhance the forecourt of the project.

The site consisted of an existing multi-level tower with an adjoining proposed office development. The intent of the landscape architectural design is to link the new portion of the development to the existing portion of the site.

Drawing inspiration from the pavement design, the seat character was developed and further reinforces the linear expression of the pavement bands.


The design explores the notion of bold , straight lines to maintain a simple, contemporary character. A monolithic base with timber seating inserts to increase user comfort combine to create seats throughout the podium space and are positioned over basement pylons to distribute the weight.  

The seats needed to be robust and vandal proof and anti-skate devices were also included to the edges of each seat. 

Attention to the detail in this seat design was important to ensure it complemented the proposed pavement design as well as the architectural contemporary character of the development.

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