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Gold Coast Landscape Architects

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Citicene are Landscape Architects with experience across the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia. We have delivered many projects throughout the Gold Coast and have an excellent understanding of the Gold Coast City Council's requirements for landscapes.
Gold Coast City Council

When it comes to Gold Coast Landscape Architects, Citicene have a broad range of experience in landscape design and landscape architecture on the Gold Coast. We have participated in a number of medium and large projects from the northern end of the Gold Coast through to the Tweed Shire.

We have a detailed understanding of the Gold Coast City Council's 

requirements for landscape and have delivered many projects of varying scales throughout the region. 

Gold Coast City Council have specific requirements when it comes to the landscape for any project. Landscape Works are to be documented in accordance with their Landscape Works Documentation Manual Guidelines. 
Gold Coast City Council have a 'whole of city' landscape strategy that aims to promote an integrated design approach to ensure the landscape of the Gold Coast is a positive component when designing and planning new developments.

The Gold Coast City Council landscape strategy is a Planning Scheme Policy attached to the Gold Coast City Planning Scheme and forms part of the Landscape Strategy for the City of Gold Coast. This strategy is defined in 3 parts which include the landscape character, the landscape works manual and information sheets.

The entire length of the Gold Coast is broken up into Character Areas and each area has a defined character. From the Beenleigh & Sugar Cane areas through to Beach Strip Character areas, the landscape strategy defines the desired character in accordance with the Gold Coast City Council Landscape code.

Other designated character areas include Bay Islands, River Valleys, Suburban Estates, Canal Estates and specific beaches.

Citicene has been involved in hundreds of projects on the Gold Coast and successfully achieved landscape approval for these projects.

A small snap shot of these projects include:

    Bunnings Oxenford
    Twin Towns Stage 2
    Cova at Hope Island
    Reedy Creek Road Interchange
    Dreamworld Species Masterplan
    Whitewater World
    The Claw
    DreamWorks Experience
    Varsity Lakes Aged Care (Terraces)
    Bunnings Burleigh
    Burleigh Catholic Parish
    Laguna, Runaway Bay
    Pacific Vista

We have extensive knowledge of the Gold Coast and the requirements that Gold Coast City Council expect to see with regard to Landscape for the region.



P.O. Box 1242
16 Creek Road
Mount Gravatt, QLD, 4122
Queensland, Australia


Email: Brisbane Office:
Phone: +61 7 3161 6420
Toowoomba Office:
Phone: +61 7 4698 7006