landscape architecture

Landscape Architecture encompasses a wide range of services that are closely inter-twined with many other disciplines.

Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioural, or aesthetic outcomes.


Citicene Landscape Architectural Services

Citicene core professional services are:

  • Landscape Concepts, Ideas and Character Creation
  • Authority negotiations and liaison to achieve development approval
  • Detailed documents, reports, cost assessments and analysis
  • Tendering and contractual negotiations with contractors
  • Ongoing supervision and reporting
  • Certification and Authority acceptance.
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Casa Residences – Roof Top Living – Woolloongabba – Brisbane – Queensland

Our team has extensive experience delivering a wide range of project types on various scales.

Our client base is diverse and includes multi-national developers through to small private companies.

Landscape architecture encompasses a wide range of services

Landscape architecture encompasses a wide range of services aimed at planning, designing, and managing outdoor spaces. The following services are typical of Landscape Architectural practices.

Site Analysis
This involves evaluating the natural and built characteristics of a site, including topography, soil conditions, vegetation, climate, and existing infrastructure.

Master Planning
Developing long-term plans for the use and development of outdoor spaces, often considering factors such as land use, circulation, zoning, and sustainability goals.

Conceptual Design
Creating initial design ideas and concepts based on client needs, site conditions, and project goals. This may involve sketches, diagrams, and mood boards.

Design Development
Refining conceptual designs into detailed plans, including layout, materials, plantings, and construction details.

Grading and Drainage Design
Designing the manipulation of landform and surface drainage to manage storm water runoff and prevent erosion.

Planting Design
Selecting and arranging plants based on factors such as aesthetics, climate, soil conditions, and maintenance requirements.

Hardscape Design
Designing non-plant elements of outdoor spaces, such as paths, patios, walls, fences, lighting, and water features.

Construction Documentation
Preparing detailed drawings, specifications, and other documents to guide the construction process.

Construction Administration
Overseeing the implementation of landscape designs during the construction phase, including contractor coordination, site inspections, and quality control.

Sustainable Design
Integrating environmentally-friendly practices and technologies into landscape designs, such as green infrastructure, native plantings, and water-efficient irrigation systems.

Urban Design
Planning and designing outdoor spaces within urban environments, often focusing on issues such as pedestrian access, public transit, and community engagement.

Park and Recreation Design
Designing parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, and other recreational amenities to promote health, wellness, and community engagement.

Historic Preservation
Rehabilitating and restoring historic landscapes and structures while respecting their cultural significance and integrity.

Landscape Management and Maintenance Planning
Developing strategies for the ongoing care and maintenance of outdoor spaces, including plant care, pest control, and seasonal upkeep.

These services are provided by Citicene Landscape Architects.

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