authority approvals

In most cases, development mandates approval from the Local Authority or Local Council.

Development approvals, operational works approvals, compliance assessment, certification

Unlocking your project’s full potential often requires navigating a labyrinth of approvals, from Development Approval to Operational Works Approval and beyond.

At Citicene, we have a rich legacy of collaboration with diverse authorities, spanning local and state governments, as well as key infrastructure providers. Trust us to streamline your approval process and pave the way to success.

Partnering seamlessly with Town Planners and a spectrum of professional services, we recognize that securing approval is pivotal to any project’s journey. Leveraging our seasoned expertise and proven track record, we engage in collaborative efforts to drive success.

In the dynamic landscape of approvals, delays can prove both cumbersome and costly. Our commitment lies in mitigating such hurdles through transparent and proactive communication channels, fostering productive dialogues between our clients and pertinent authorities.

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