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Dreamworld Vegetation Masterplan

Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Australia's biggest theme park is set amongst remnant vegetation and numerous waterbodies and has been in operation since 1981.

Dreamworld Species Masterplan

Dreamworld is a sprawling theme park in Coomera, North of the Gold Coast. Set amongst remnant vegetation and numerous waterbodies, this theme park has been in operation since 1981. 

Due to the nature of the ever-expanding theme park over many years, there has been limited assessment of the existing and introduced vegetation.

The theme park is segmented into various precincts spread across 85 hectares of land. Each precinct includes a separate character based around the theme for the precinct. Vegetation across the site had a somewhat limited input into the character of each precinct. 


This Plant Species Masterplan guides future plantings within the various precincts
across the whole of the Dreamworld site. 


Entry and Main Street

The existing Entry and Main Street precinct is the focal point for the theme park. It provides an entry/exit point and primary meeting space.
Essential to this area are the views through the space as well as to other precincts. A lush leafy character which reflects sub-tropical Queensland is envisaged for this Main Street.


Ocean Parade

Ocean Parade vegetation character is to reflect Australian Beach Culture. Trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers which are indigenous to and reflect coastal area vegetation and provide visual interest are proposed.


Tiger Island

Tiger Island is to be of a lush green vegetation character. This reflects the dense rainforest and lush grasslands of India
where Bengal tigers are traditionally found. Bamboo is to be the dominant plant within this precinct.


Rivertown and Gum Tree Gully

The Rivertown precinct is currently dominated by existing mature Eucalypts. These trees are central to creating the character of an Australian
town beside the water. Australian native river/creek vegetation character is envisaged for this area. 


Australian Wildlife Experience

Australiana comprises 3 definite zones: Rainforest, Australiana and Dryland/Outback. Planting within the various precincts is generally representative of these zones. The plant palette consolidates existing species where appropriate and is also supplemented
by other suitable ‘Australiana’ plants. 


Rocky Hollow

Rocky Hollow character is dry, harsh and aged. The Log Ride is the basis for this precinct and provides an opportunity to strengthen this
theme. The Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris) with its large trunk, enhances the sawmill theme. Strategic positioning of this species at entry and exit points to the precinct helps create a definite theme and seperation from the surrounding precincts.


Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon is presently dominated by tropical palms and plants which are generally suitable for this precinct. The character for this space is of a lush tropical swimming lagoon. 


Gold Rush Country

The Gold Rush precinct is representative of the Australian colonial town. The limited vegetation within this space is appropriate to this character.

 A Blueprint for the Future

Vegetation character makes a significant difference to the overall character of any precinct and in addition to this the local conditions were important to determine the survivability of any introduced vegetation. 

The Vegetation Masterplan forms a reference document for any upgrades to each precinct as the theme park continually evolves.

The commissioning of this project required the assessment of each precinct character including a full assessment of all vegetation found in each precinct. The task was then to determine appropriate species based on existing valuable species worth retaining and the nature of the precinct's character and theme. 

In 2006, Dreamworld opened Whitewater World. This was a $60 million investment filled with many types of water rides and thrilling experiences. This section of the theme park also underwent a detailed vegetation character assessment for an additional number of precincts in the new theme park.  

The aim of both vegetation masterplans was to strengthen the overall themed character of each precinct which already had strong built form themes however lacked integration with the surrounding natural environment.  



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