Brisbane’s Five New Green Bridges

Brisbane’s Five New Green Bridges

Brisbane City Council and Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner are proposing 5 new green bridges for the central area of Brisbane.

Improving pedestrian connections and prioritising bicycle and pedestrian routes across Brisbane is certainly a good step in the right direction. This will see increased connectivity and improved permeability.

However, what are the impacts of built form on our landscape? What about visual assessment and impacts of more visual elements in viewsheds?

Construction of bridges on any river are significant visual changes. These changes can have dramatic impacts on visual amenity. They change the character of a city. As a community we should be very careful how this design is developed and implemented. The community needs to have every opportunity to voice their opinion on any detailed design proposal.

Kangaroo Point Twin Mast Cable Design

The first cab off the rank is the Kangaroo Point Bridge. The design proposed is a twin mast cable design. This type of design is likely to create a significant visual element to the existing vistas of the City Reach including notable vistas from River Terrace and Kangaroo Point Cliffs to the heart of the CBD.

Brisbane's Five New Green Bridges
Artists Impression | Kangaroo Point Pedestrian Bridge

Brisbane City Council 2020, Kangaroo Point green bridge, viewed 25 May 2020,

A well renowned view of Brisbane is the view toward the City from Kangaroo Point Cliffs. This view is often photographed and seems to be recognized internationally.

A simple search on Google images shows this particular view appears in the first 6 images under a search for Brisbane.

Brisbane's Five New Green Bridges

Google 2020, Brisbane, viewed 25 May 2020,

The introduction of a bridge to this vista will result in a significant change – either positive or negative depending on your opinion.

The span is also significant. To achieve clearance heights no doubt the associated structure will be hard to blend into the landscape.

This bridge will definitely change the character of the Brisbane skyline. If the design is sympathetic to it’s surroundings and the surrounding landscapes, then it will be a great edition.

However, if it ends up being a large concrete and steel built form structure, then certainly it will dominate the view of the city from this part of the Kangaroo Point cliffs.

Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

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