Elaeocarpus eumundii | Eumundi Quandong

Elaeocarpus eumundii | Eumundi Quandong What a great tree. Dark, glossy leaves with a conical canopy habit, this is a popular tree with Landscape Architects around Brisbane. Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus eumundii Common Name: Eumundi Quandong or smooth-leaved quandongHeight: 8 to 10 mSpread: 3 to 4 mShade: YesFull Sun: YesCiticene Rating: 5 Stars Hardiness A great… Continue reading Elaeocarpus eumundii | Eumundi Quandong

Landscape Architecture for Education Facilities

Grounds for education facilities should be a great place to gather, relax, play and learn whilst protecting children with clear sight lines and good surveillance.

Toowoomba Landscape Architects

Landscape Architecture in the Toowoomba Region With the growth of development in the Surat Basin, Toowoomba is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, delivering landscapes and urban developments of a high standard is critical to ensure a quality standard of living for the residents of the city.  Toowoomba Landscapes Toowoomba is a diverse region. The types… Continue reading Toowoomba Landscape Architects

Gold Coast Landscape Architects

Landscape Architecture in the Gold Coast Region Citicene are Landscape Architects with experience across the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Citicene have delivered many commercial landscape projects throughout the Gold Coast. Our team have a detailed understanding of Gold Coast City Council’s requirements to achieve landscape approval. The City of Gold Coast stretches from the Northern… Continue reading Gold Coast Landscape Architects

Commercial Landscape Architects

Choose the Right Type of Landscape Architect Commercial Landscape Architects deliver services for projects in a variety of industry groups. Commercial projects often require a more intense level of detail and service. However this is not always the case. Some residential projects can be challenging as well. Everyday commercial landscapes are designed and constructed by… Continue reading Commercial Landscape Architects

North West Transport Network

The North West Transport Network area extends from Bald Hills to Toowong and considers surrounding areas such as the Moreton Bay region. This business case study aims to help reduce traffic congestion through Brisbane’s north-west. A recent poll conducted by Brisbane City Council as part of this study concluded that the community desires public transport… Continue reading North West Transport Network

Distributed Renewable Energy Generation and Sense of Place

Distributed Renewable Energy Generation is renewable energy near the point of use instead of a centralized facility like a power plant. Windmills are littered across the Australian Landscape and have been a form of renewable energy generation since the early 1800’s. First designed by Daniel Halladay, who began inventing windmills in 1854, these structures are… Continue reading Distributed Renewable Energy Generation and Sense of Place

Reducing the ‘Heat Island Effect’

Reducing the ‘Heat Island Effect’ Densification of our cities is occurring at a rapid rate and if we don’t prioritize ‘green infrastructure’ then we will end up with even more concrete in our cities that increases the ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’. What is ‘Heat Island Effect’? An urban heat island (UHI) is an urban area… Continue reading Reducing the ‘Heat Island Effect’

Landscape Certification What is Required?

What is Landscape Certification? Depending on the location and the approval type of your landscape, you are likely to require the landscape to be certified. Landscape certification is a process where a Registered Landscape Architect inspects your new landscape. They ensure it meets the Local Authority Conditions of Approval that were granted at Development Approval… Continue reading Landscape Certification What is Required?

Rooftop Gardens and Greenspace Changes

Green Space Changes Brisbane City Council have proposed changes to the City plan in regard to landscape and greenspace on podium. ‘On podium’ or ‘on structure’ landscapes include landscapes in planter boxes, green walls, trellises or landscape that is not growing in ‘deep soil’ earth. There has been a huge amount of interest in this… Continue reading Rooftop Gardens and Greenspace Changes