Arborist Assessment

Your development may contain protected trees and you may be required to engage a minimum AQF Level 5 Arborist with a minimum of 5 years experience.

Depending on the location of your development and any existing Local Authority City Plan overlay, you may have protected vegetation on site.

In addition to this, significant trees may need to be retained prior to any work commencing on site. If trees are to be retained, it is important that any works within the tree footprint is reviewed by an arborist.

To assess any construction work around trees in accordance with the Australian Standard 4970 for the Retention of Trees on Development Sites an arborist may be required.

Broadly, there are two important things to consider when excavating around trees to be retained. Non-structural root zone and Structural root zone.

Should the structural roots of a tree be damaged or cut during excavation, there is a high chance the tree is dangerous and could topple over during high winds.

In addition to this, any damage to any roots are likely to have impacts on the health of the tree.

Existing trees can have significant impacts on the design of any

project including the Civil design. Any encroachment on the root zones of trees from retaining wall footings, building footings or simply excavation near trees can create significant cost implications for your project.  

Contact Citicene to learn more about engaging an arborist prior to any construction on site.