Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service

Logan, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service is committed to providing holistic health care to raise the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Positioned in the heart of Logan Central and directly opposite the Woodridge Train Station, this facility is in a strategic position to provide health services to the local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander population. 

The organisation offers primary health care in a large range of areas from GP and dental services through to providing child safety and youth services.  

The creation of a comfortable and relaxing environment surrounded by extensive vegetation and organic materials aims to reduce the impacts of adjacent built form. 

Landscape Objectives

The landscape is required to meet several objectives.

Some of these are:

  • Integration of the site with the surrounding context through the selection of materials and vegetation species.
  • Ensuring the landscape is a functional part of the development that complements the built environment in terms of scale and composition.
  • Creation of an outdoor Yarning Circle that meets the needs of the centre patrons and clients.

Yarning Circle

The landscape has several design initiatives including an outdoor space that is known as a ‘Yarning Circle‘.

In a Yarning Circle, all participants are considered equal, a concept that is reinforced by the circular form.

Colour landscape render of a Yarning Circle

This Yarning Circle is an interface for indigenous knowledge and communication that demonstrates respectful interaction between people. It provides a forum for honest communication and shared responsibility.

Yarning circles have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years to discuss issues in an inclusive and collaborative matter.

The Yarning Circle provides a forum for honest communication and shared responsibility.

The Landscape

Other landscape concepts include decorative pavement, overhead wires trained with vertical growing climbers, streetscapes in accordance with Logan City Council standards and a central atrium space.  

Streetscape works will improve the amenity of the building frontage, and will include the provision of a wide footpath, seating, rubbish bins, shade trees and planting beds. 

Project Team

Client | Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service

Architect | CDI Architects